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OPES App is Live in Google Play Store

It’s official, the OPES blockchain is live!

Around mid-morning on Thursday, July 11, members of the OPES community discovered they could download the OPES ID app on the Google Play Store.

The news was so exciting that several iPhone users in the OPES community rushed out and spent up to $1,000 USD to buy an Android device just so they could download the free OPES app –  a move that reignited the often hilarious debate between iPhone and Android users.

“I went out and bought a Samsung phone a few hours after our call,” said iPhone user Josh Gray of Opes Unite. “I have no excuse other than being impatient.”

Other OPES iPhone users were not so quick to make the switch. “It’s like eating bad chocolate your whole life and then trying really good Apple chocolate,” said Anne Hankins of Opes Pacific.  “You’ll do without before you go back to Android chocolate.”

Mark Cook, CEO OpesONE

CEO Mark Cook, whose company OpesONE produced the app, was excited.  “On the Richter scale, it’s off the Richter scale!” Cook said.

OPES app in Google Play Store

So far, three of the seven founding community nodes appear on the app.  They are OpesOne, Opes Unite, and Opes Europe.

Cook said the remaining community nodes will likely be provisioned on the app within the next week.

Cook said OpesONE has submitted the app to the Apple’s App Store and he’s waiting for Apple to approve the app.

While there’s no word yet on how long it will take for the OPES ID app to appear in the App Store, Opes Pacific’s Kevin Fugate, who owns both an Android and an iPhone said, “Be patient Apple users.”

Apple users, if you aren’t patient and you also can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for an Android device, you may wish to download the free program called Bluestacks for Mac.  It will allow you to download and use the OPES ID app and all other apps from the Google Play Store right on your laptop.


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