Fund the Fight Against Fake News

EXCITEMENT BUILDS AS “TRUTH TOKEN” SALES SPELL THE END TO FAKE NEWS Ovis Launches the “Truth Token” to Fund Game-Changing Platform to Restore Public Trust...

Move Over Alexa, Your Smarter Sister Has Just Arrived

Have you ever just wanted to strangle your Alexa device because it doesn’t understand you? These so-called “smart devices” are really pretty dumb. However,...

THE SCOOP: Opes Blox

Meet the newest member of the OPES community, Opes Blox! It's a company that is using Blockchain technology to showcase to the world your...

Earn Crypto Simply By Shopping Online

Opes News Anchor Elsa Ramon shows you how to earn Bitcoin simply by downloading an app and shopping till you drop. And if you enjoy...

OPES App is Live in Google Play Store

It's official, the OPES blockchain is live! Around mid-morning on Thursday, July 11, members of the OPES community discovered they could download the OPES ID...

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What is Opes? Watch and find out why so many people are joining the revolution.