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Ovis Launches the “Truth Token” to Fund Game-Changing Platform to Restore Public Trust in Journalism

This Valentine’s Day,  an excited community of people began making dates with Ovis to share their love for the truth.  

Ovis, a San Francisco Bay Area based, blockchain-powered start-up released its one-of-a-kind “Truth Token.”  The Truth Token, backed by Ethereum, can currently be purchased for two cents.

With two cents, those who cherish democracy and hate fake news can now help the not-for-profit company build a decentralized media network that promises to end the misinformation campaigns that are destroying America.

“We’re excited so many people are purchasing the Truth Token and joining the fight against fake news,” said Ovis founder Linton Johnson.  “In just the week leading up to the Truth Token’s release, ovis.news had more than 23,000 unique visitors. It’s clear there is a ground swell of people looking for a way to engage in a community dedicated to spreading the truth.”

Linton Johnosn, Ovis Founder

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Ovis community and not only to fund the buildout of this cool new project but also to use my tokens to help shape the future of Ovis,” token holder Ryan Harris of Hayward, CA says. “I’m frustrated because I can’t tell whether the news I’m reading is real or fake.  I also feel helpless to do anything about it. Once the platform is complete, I will be able to take part in the process to ensure stories are accurate, fair and truthful as well as hold journalists accountable who act in bad faith.”

Ovis Truth Token holders have a tremendous amount of power and influence.  Not only are they able to help fund the buildout of the Ovis media network, but they can also use their tokens immediately to vote on critical pre-launch decisions. 

“Your two cents matter!” Johnson says. “What makes us different from other tokenized projects is that a portion of the platform is already built and the community can use their tokens instantly,  calling the shots on a wide range set of pre-launch issues such as platform functionality, right down to executive compensation and establishing the standards that will ensure bias-free content post-launch. Ovis is designing this platform to be for the people, of the people and by the people.” 


Recognizing that the current news media model is broken, Ovis is using blockchain technology to reinvent the entire newsgathering process. Instead of trying to fix it, Ovis is reinventing it.  

Once the platform is complete, Ovis community members – whether they are journalists, news consumers, or fact-checkers – will be able to use blockchain technology and the Truth Token to instantly validate facts through crowdsourcing and authentication.

Johnson is a graduate of Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism. He spent the last 30 years as a veteran television anchor on NBC and communications executive. He started Ovis because he was sick and tired of profits driving newsroom decisions.  

As the platform gains popularity and trust, the value of the Truth Token is expected to rise.  Unlike the current broken news model that encourages clickbait and sensational stories to increase ratings, the Ovis model promises to incentivize high quality, accurate, and bias-free content. The Ovis community is also incentivized – 100% of the surplus revenues made from the Truth Token will be distributed to the entire Ovis community – not media company shareholders.

“Objective, fact-based journalism is critical to a well-functioning democracy,”  Johnson says. “What we’re doing to restore the public’s trust in the media is unprecedented. For the first time in human history, not only do we now have the technology to prove that every word our journalists write is verifiable, accurate and trusted, but we can also use the technology to hold journalists accountable to the people they serve – the Ovis community. What we’re doing is truly revolutionary, it’s journalism 2.0,”


MOTIVES PROFIT DRIVEN: Elite group of shareholders demand profits over truth, Journalists are often pressured to tell sensational and biased stories to generate clicks/hits/ratings at the expense of the truth to drive up profits. TRUTH DRIVEN: Ovis community members demand facts and truth. As more and more people trust Ovis journalists, the value of the token increases based on the facts and truth.
REVENUE SHARING All profits go to an elite group of shareholders. All revenue surpluses are distributed to the entire Ovis community.
TRANSPARENCY The process of selecting, gathering, producing and posting/airing stories is proprietary to each newsroom. The storytelling process, from start to finish, is completely transparent to the community at all times and can be changed by the community at any time.
DECISION MAKING Newsroom policies and practices are dictated and driven by an elite group of editors – who are pressured by stockholders to increase revenue. Newsroom policies and practices are approved by the community.
ACCOUNTABILITY Journalists are rarely held accountable for making mistakes, pushing an agenda. Community holds journalists accountable, and can boot them from platform instantly, often before a biased or factually inaccurate story is ever published. 
OBJECTIVITY The mere selection of the day’s stories by often out-of-touch editors, is biased. The community can both propose and  vote on which stories are important to them and direct journalists to cover them.


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